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About us

Harmony is at the heart of Juniper Three, a vocal trio composed of Aimee Penman, Laura Hill and Outi Smith. The group writes and arranges their songs as a collective, creating a tapestry of genres in a lush, seamless interweaving of voices, and embracing the ethos of three solo singers coming together to share the lead.

As well as their own acclaimed material, the trio sings arrangements of hand-picked covers, in a similarly eclectic mix of styles. They have performed a capella, with piano, and with a backing band.

One of Juniper Three’s career highlights was supporting and providing backing vocals for the legendary master songwriter Benny Gallagher at two intimate gigs in 2022. The group also featured on the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections 2023 with their original songs and made the select list of judges’ Highly Recommended acts. 

Juniper Three released their debut EP in October 2023.

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